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Profile Sebuah Tawa Dan Cerita (STDC)

on 1 maret 2013

Sebuah Tawa dan Cerita (STDC) are a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band formed in Surabaya, Indonesia in 2009. The name “Sebuah Tawa dan Cerita” which is means “A laugh and a Story”.
The band Sebuah Tawa dan Cerita (S.T.D.C.) began in the middle year of 2009 with only 5 boys;
Potet as the Screamer, Back vox and Kaoss Pad Controller,
Lano as the drummer, Back Vox and Dancers,
Grenjenk as the Bassist, and Dancers,
Kobo as the Clean Vocalist, Guitarists, Programmer and Synth Maker and Andy as the 2nd Guitarist.

Now Sebuah Tawa dan Cerita (STDC) consists of:
Yusuf Raditya – Lead voc
Anggie Kobo – Guitar/Clean Voc/Synth
Andy William – Guitar/Synth
Reka Fernanda – Drums
Rendha Saksila – Bass/Beat maker
Wildan Setiawan – Synth/Back Voc/Loops

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